The Preppi GoBox | 3-Day Emergency Kit

$ 100.00

Featured in the New York Times, Goop, and Wall Street Journal!

Our most compact emergency kit for 1-Person.  Designed to fit perfectly on the bookshelf in your home or office, it contains all the emergency essentials in a book sized box including a pop-out handle for easy transport.  Due to its compact size it is also great for the car.  

Packed full of essential items to help get you through an emergency scenario—  if the air quality is poor (think forest fire or pandemic) there is a 95% filtering Mask ; if it is cold there is a mylar space blanket; if it is raining there is a poncho; if the power goes out there is a LED flashlight/glowstick/candles; if someone is injured there is comprehensive first-aid; if signaling others there is a high decibel whistle; even 3 days of food & water.  A great value and a 5-year shelf lifeFor the best value get a Family Pack.


•Made in Los Angeles•

  • Incredibly stocked comprehensive First-Aid Kit
  • 3-day Water Supply by Datrex.  US Coast Guard approved with 5-year shelf life.
  • 3-day Food Rations by Datrex.  US Coast Guard approved with 5-year shelf life.
  • Swiss Multi-tool
  • LED Flashlight
  • Glow Stick
  • Mylar Emergency Space Blanket
  • Emergency Rain Poncho
  • Waterproofing Utility Bag
  • Kraft Notebook
  • Preppi Pencil
  • Air Respirator Mask (95% filtering)
  • Safety Matches
  • 4-Hour Candles
  • Emergency Whistle
  • Playing Cards


Product Specifications
 • Dimensions:  3", 13", 9.5" 
 • Weight: 8 lbs




*Some items may be slightly different than listed or pictured

"The Prepster Advanced Backpack—filled with rugged tech, emergency necessities and creature comforts—is a smart hedge against a not-so-bright future."

"Everything you need."

"Laden with every must-have for surviving difficult situations."

"James Bond style gadgets... to sustain nutrition, hydration, power, shelter, and communication."