About Us

At Preppi we want everyone to be prepared when the unexpected happens. By bringing design to the forefront of our emergency kits we hope to make emergency preparedness less daunting and maybe even a little fun! While our products are quite handsome on the outside, the contents we include on the inside are incredibly comprehensive— helping you face real emergency situations with confidence. Each region of the country is facing its own unique natural disaster from earthquakes in the west, hurricanes & blizzards in the east, and tornadoes everywhere in between.

PreppiStaying prepared with food, water, and first-aid is absolutely essential and the foundation on which we build all of our kits. We then add everything from basic necessities such as rain ponchos to advanced technology such as solar phone chargers— helping you and your family smoothly manage any scenario. Our wide range of products have you covered at home, work, or the car— from the economical Preppi GoBox to our signature bag The Prepster with its trove of luxe amenities and extra life-saving gadgets!

Some featured items from our kits:

  • Solar / Hand-turbine Smart Phone Charger / Emergency Radio / Flashlight:  Available in The Prepster, this incredible little gadget will help you stay connected in the event that the power goes out. Being able to charge your smart phone and contact authorities or loved ones is a necessity.
  • Datrex Food & Water: These military grade rations have a shelf life of 5 years– much longer than any other bottled water or food bar. Humans cannot survive longer than three days without H2O. In the event you are without clean water or unable to leave your location, this could easily be a life-saver.
  • Preppi Poncho & Space Blanket: Key survival items to keep you dry and warm.
  • Stress Relief: Available in The Prepster, Mast Brothers Chocolate, Malin & Goetz aromatic soaps and lotions, Kusmi Cold Brew Tea, and Marvis Toothpaste
  • Comprehensive First-Aid Kit: Specifically tailored for emergency scenarios, this compact yet fully stocked kit contains the most essential first-aid products.
  • Good Design: Preppi products are designed to be attractive enough to sit out right in your living room or office. If an emergency strikes you can rest assured knowing your most essential supplies are at arm’s length, not stashed somewhere deep in your closet or garage.