Preppi First-Aid Kit

$ 75.00 $ 95.00

A truly classic design.  The solid steel case is packed with the most essential emergency first-aid supplies— plus it is waterproof!

•Inside contents are individually boxed, color coded, and packaged
•Designed to stay neat and organized— fitting tight to prevent shifting
Single-use packaging ensures sterile products when treating injuries

•Made in the USA•


Adhesive Bandages (16)

XL Adhesive Bandages (6)

Gauze Bandage Compress (1)

Triangular Bandage - w/Pins  (3)

Gauze Pads (4)

Heavy Woven Fingertip & Knuckle Bandages (9)

Absorbent Compress (1)

Nitrile Gloves (2)

Certi-Sporyn - Antibiotic Cream (10)

Antiseptic BZK Towelettes (10)

PVP Iodine Wipe-Ups (10)

Certi-Tape (2)

Certi-Cool Instant Cold Compress (1)

Certi-Burn Cream (6)

Eye Wash (1)

Alcohol Gel (6)


OSHA & ANSI certified 

Dimensions: 9", 7", 2.5"

Weight: 3.25 lbs

    "The Prepster Advanced Backpack—filled with rugged tech, emergency necessities and creature comforts—is a smart hedge against a not-so-bright future."

    "Everything you need."

    "Laden with every must-have for surviving difficult situations."

    "James Bond style gadgets... to sustain nutrition, hydration, power, shelter, and communication."