The Prepster Backpack - Luxe 3-Day Survival Backpack

$ 345.00
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Featured in Vogue, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Uncrate, and Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop!

   The Prepster™ Backpack is our newest 1-Person emergency survival kit.   Featuring the same luxe comforts, tech gear, and first-aid essentials but now in a super portable "keep-your-hands-free" backpack design.
   Inside the heavy canvas and leather bag, you will find premium products from Malin+Goetz, Mast Brothers Chocolate, Kusmi Tea, and Marvis toothpaste just to name a few!  Even a Solar Powered USB phone charger for infinite power on the go.

   The beautifully designed leather and canvas bag is generously stocked with all of the necessary supplies such as Food, Water, First-Aid items and the proper tools to help you get through 72 hours following a major emergency.


  • Solar & hand-crank Power Supply, Radio, LED Flashlight and USB jack.   Important: KEEP YOUR PHONE CHARGED WHEN THE POWER GOES OUT!
  • Malin+Goetz essential kit.  Six bottles of their most popular products: Grapefruit Face Cleanser, Vitamin E Face Moisturizer, Bergamot Body Cleanser, Vitamin b5 Body Moisturizer, Peppermint Shampoo and Cilantro Conditioner

  • 3-day Datrex Water Supply packs with a 5 year shelf lifeStay hydrated!  Water is the most essential element of survival!

  • 3-day Datrex Food Supply.  Delicious coconut shortbread bars with a 5 year shelf life.
  • Marvis toothpaste & toothbrush.

  • Mast Brothers Dark Chocolate Sea Salt 

  • Kusmi Tea A selection of premium teas - perfect for cold brewing
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  • FIRST-AID KIT : comprehensive kit includes 85+ pieces: bandages, sting relief pad, antiseptic towelettes and hand wipes, aspirin, ibuprofen, antihistamine, insect repellent wipes, antibiotic ointment, gauze, wound closures, first aid guide booklet

  • Multi-tool, equipped with pliers, sharpened blades, can openers, and a wood saw.  This is the ultimate tool!

  • Emergency poncho, emergency space blanket, hand warmers, whistle, duct tape and a dust mask

  • Tube Tent for quick shelter. Also can be used as tarp and dry bag

  • UCO Waterproof Survival Matches, Preppi Candles, Work gloves, Utility bags

  • Paracord Rope 550

  • Field Notes Expedition Waterproof Notebook and Preppi Pencil

  • LED combination Signal Flare, Flashlight, Flasher, Glowstick & Whistle

  • LED Headlamp

  • Poker Playing Cards
  • BYOS Stainless Steel Hip FlaskMany consider a fine Scotch to be the ultimate life saver!
Dimensions: 24", 16", 6"
*Some bag items may be slightly different than listed or pictured