Preppi Solar Charger & Emergency Radio

$ 49.00 $ 65.00

Our Preppi Charger and Emergency Radio has USB device charging, weather band radio to receive emergency updates, LED flashlight, LED room lamp, and even a high decibel SOS siren all in one!  The upgraded 2000mAh battery will give your device more charge during that emergency scenario.  If the battery becomes drained you can use the hand crank turbine to charge your devices or add AAA batteries also to give your phone a little extra battery boost.

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  • Weather Band/AM/FM Radio
  • 2000 mAh battery for device charging such as Phones or Tablets
  • Multiple ways to recharge radio with its Solar Panel, Hand-crank turbine, or AAA batteries
  • LED Flashlight and LED room light
  • A loud SOS Alarm


Preppi Emergency Phone Charger Solar Radio


Product Specifications
 • Dimensions:  6”L, 1.5”W, 3”H
 • Weight: 0.8 lbs

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