Preppi is Donating Masks!

Regarding COVID-19.

Since our launch Preppi has strived to get more people prepared before emergency situations arise as opposed to after once supplies are limited.  Since 2014 we have included air respirator masks in our 3-day emergency kits because we knew of their importance for everything from forest fire smoke to pandemics like COVID-19.  Public safety is our top priority and we are here for you!   When the many recent fires struck California we reminded our customers their kits had these masks, and for anyone that didn’t have a mask we gave out thousands of them for free.

Preppi now has given away more than 10,000 air respirator masks and we are not stopping now!  We continue to donate supplies to those in need whenever unexpected situations like COVID-19 arise and are donating any surplus masks we can get our hands on to those most in need.

N95 Mask Donation Page


Here are just a few of the kind words and pictures we have received back from healthcare heroes!Preppi Donation N95 masks NYU Langone Obstetrics & Gynecology

NYU Langone

Preppi thanks all the amazing doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers keeping us healthy and safe!

“On behalf of Massachusetts General Hospital, thank you to the Preppi team for your incredible gift of NIOSH 95 masks. Your contribution will help keep our clinicians and patients safe and we could not be more grateful.”Daniel Haber MD PhD Director, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Preppi N95 Mask Donation Clinica Medica Familiar

Dr. Joseph Carella MD, Clinica Medica Familiar

"I just wanted to express my thanks for the donation of masks. The comfort knowing that have masks available for my nurse friends on our labor floor and the office staff is invaluable to know they can protect themselves.  Thank you."
—Melissa Trotiner, NP

"Dear Preppi team, I am an OB/GYN at NYU.  Thank you so much for your heartfelt donations!  As we are learning more and more a lot of pregnant women are asymptomatic carriers of COVID so we are now wearing masks when seeing every patient in the office and on L and D- if we get sick the whole system gets strained so your support really is helping us to stay healthy and provide care needed to the women of New York!" —Jessica Vernon, MD NYU