Preppi Air Respirator Mask

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We have now given away over 1,500 masks+.  (Max 2 per household)

Due to the terrible fires we are giving away the same air respirator masks we include in our Emergency Kits at no charge.  These are for anyone in California, not just those immediately affected by the fires.  The current air quality even miles away from the fire zones is hazardous and will be for days to come.   Please stay inside or use a mask (even in the car driving!) 

The 3M Aura N95 is a heavy duty particulate respirator—removing smoke and particles as small as bacteria from the air.  The three panel design provides an excellent fit on a wide range of facial sizes. Plus the curved, low profile makes the 9210+ compatible with a variety of eyewear.

  • N95 Respirator
  • Soft headbands
  • Flat-fold design
  • Each mask is individually packaged
  • Fits a large range of facial sizes.

Please do not order more than your household actually needs— so more masks can go to others in need.

*Offer good until inventory runs out!

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